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Quickor Springs

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A set of our top-quality springs.

Ride quality is a term that Quickor uses to evaluate performance. Simply put, ride quality is how the car feels to you going down the road, through turns, and over bumps. You don't have to own a big, heavy car to enjoy a smooth ride and still receive quality handling.

Coil springs isolate the occupants of the vehicle from road shock, control pitch, roll attitudes of the vehicle, and to keep the tires in contact with the road surface.

A rebounding wheel that is out of touch with the roadway is not capable of stopping, steering, or supporting a car. Obviously, quality springs are a vital part of your suspension system. Quickor doesn't take springs lightly.

Key Benefits

bulletSafety: Coil springs keep your wheel in contact with the road
bulletImproved handling
bulletIsolation from road shock and bumps, pitch, and roll attitudes of a vehicle
bulletLonger tire life: When a wheel that is constantly bouncing up and down on a road, it has a skidding effect when that wheel catches up to speed, removing precious rubber from the tire.

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