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Handling Tips

The key to high-performance handling is a top-quality suspension system, proper chassis adjustments, and properly balanced tire pressures.

Aim for the 'theoretical' ideal - neutral steer.

Neutral steer is matched front and rear traction. Understeer is a plowing, or pushing effect when cornering. Oversteer is the rear sliding outward on turns.

Adjustments To Increase Understeer To Increase Oversteer
Front Tire Pressure Lower Higher
Rear Tire Pressure Higher Lower
Front Tire Section Smaller Larger
Rear Tire Section Larger Smaller
Front Wheel Camber More Positive More Negative
Rear Wheel Camber More Negative More Positive
Front Springs Stiffer Softer
Rear Springs Softer Stiffer
Front Anti-Sway Bar Thicker (Stiffer) Thinner (Softer)
Rear Anti-Sway Bar Thinner (Softer) Thicker (Stiffer)
Weight Distribution More Forward More Rearward

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